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Karina "Keke" Davies creates contemporary designs, and almost all of her jewellery is made by hand in Pieces by KeKe's own Studio. Her jewellery is colourful, confident, and has something to say. Anybody can wear Pieces by KeKe, and we take inspiration from everywhere, mainly cultural, geometric, tribal etc

Her standout designs are all about expressing one true self in a fun and distinctive way

Karina is most famous for her perspex jewellery, but you'll also discover pieces made from wood, resin, and anything else that catches her eye. Karina is always developing new production techniques to push her jewellery design forward.

Pieces By Keke makes jewellery that blurs the boundaries between cultural art, fashion and culture, love of the craft stems from an intense satisfaction of turning concepts into reality. I’m excited to see what the next challenge will bring.

Get in touch with me and let’s begin your project.

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